OpenPCD console

The OpenPCD console is a quick-and-dirty VC++ project for the OpenPCD reader, allowing me to send individual commands (hex code) to an ISO 14443 (RFID) card – in my case a DESFire EV1 from NXP. Using the MinGW (GCC) Compiler Suite the librfid-tool library (part of librfid) was modified so the console was able to initialize the OpenPCD reader […]

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Load Balancing of Virtual Machines

A framework based on the Red Hat Cluster Suite that enables virtualization technologies to load balance virtual machines with zero-downtime (live migration) among physical servers. The LBVM consists of several scripts that allow to load balance virtual machines (currently preconfigured: Xen and OpenVZ) among physical servers – the algorithm is fully configurable. LBVM uses the Red Hat […]

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DRBDv8 Regression TestSuite

The “DRBDv8 Regression Testsuite” was designed to enforce rare, but fatal situations in the DRBDv8 pre-release. The testsuite executes and verifies predefined (but fully configurable) testcases by issueing the given commands on two or more nodes of a DRBD cluster. Before each testcase the so-called agents, who process the commands on local nodes, synchronize themselves […]

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