Security Management System for Virtual Organizations

This master thesis in cooperation with Microsoft EMIC explains how to securely manage virtual organizations across domain boundaries using state-of-the-art federation technologies. Abstract: Virtual organizations are virtual teams spanning organizational boundaries, where people from different organizations (e.g. companies) collaborate on a particular purpose. The combination of existing products, standards and technologies allows forming a framework that […]

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Security Analysis of Web 2.0

This study in cooperation with the Federal Office for Information Security in Germany (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik, BSI Deutschland) covers the threats and risks as well as possible security methods and techniques, used within Web 2.0. The study focuses mainly on JavaScript (Ajax) and provides a detailed description on how the trust relationship can be […]

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Security methods of the ePassport

This bachelor thesis in cooperation with NXP, analyzes the Austrian ePassport (MRTD with RFID chip) and outlines security and privacy issues, with corresponding emphasis on the implemented protocol (BAC, EAC). Abstract: The new ePassport, which contains a contact less smart card controller with the personal data of the passport holder, has already been issued in the middle […]

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